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  2. Sue says:

    This is a testimony to how the reader’s imagination is the best part of a book. Thanks for putting up this website to prove the point.
    Bought the book on a whim. There is a law bookshop near where I work and I went in there to find a book on trusts. It has all kinds of guy stuff there, which is a great little diversionary touch even for me. I also bought my coffee machine and my Learn to Speak Italian disc there as well as the book by Malcolm Cope on Equity and Duties.
    Have read chapter 1 of Moron2Moron.
    So far I’m not aching with laughter and my bowel hasn’t split from the hilarity, but I will say this: I am a granny of two little grandsons and is this ever giving me an insight into the minds of young men, what they talk about and what they get up to. That part I am enjoying very much as well as the read. Doig, you’re okay. I suspect I will finish the book today. If there is anything further to add, I’ll be back.

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