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Day Twenty-Six – remote ridgeline to the final remote field

My stomach feels a bit queasy, but not that bad, but not that good. I manage to sleep on and off till sometime in the middle of the night, at which point I struggle to open the tent. Tama stirs. … Continue reading

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Day Twenty – Bayangol to Bayanchandmani

(this is going to be short for now – there’s been a whole phalanx of Euro tourists through the hostel’s free internet, I haven’t been able to monopolise it as I’d like) As if to make up for being so … Continue reading

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Day Nineteen – Orhon to the wrong side of the tracks, and beyond

“No such thing as a Mongolian shortcut” – Doiggus Khan In the morning we opt not to have a refreshing cow-dung swim, and roll out past stall after stall of picturesque peasants hawking big ugly smoked river fish, what species … Continue reading

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Day Ten – Chandman Ondor to god-knows-where and god-knows-how-to-pronounce-it

We leave Tsagaan Uur – which is pronounced, um … “sahur eewr”? – stocked up with chocolate bars and instant noodles and emergency meat, and plunge promptly into an impossibly dense forest. he sign on the edge of the forest, … Continue reading

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Day Nine – Khosvgl Nuur to Chandman Ondor

Awake 5am, surrounded by mist oozing off the lake. Too much to take in, go back to sleep. Delightful scenic ride through wildflower meadows and jaunty pine forests. Brief chat with German in SUV who tells us of a high … Continue reading

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Day Eight – Khatgal to Khosvgol Nuur

Swim in incredible clear freezing glorious lake, sleep in a paddock, have a nice time.

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Day One – Beijing Train Station

Sleepless night – excitement, nerves, mosquitoes. 5.30am alarm: time to get our shit to the train station! Standing out on the main road behind our hostel with our mountain of luggage, which takes three shuttle runs to get it all … Continue reading

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