About the morons

Chinggis Pugs (Tama Pugsley)
Thirty years old. Web developer, cyborg, adventurer, playboy, alcoholic, photographer, international man of mystery.

Doiggus Khan (Tom Doig)
Thirty-one years old. Writer, underwear model, hitler comedy expert, scab, petty thief, daggerer and spandex unitard enthusiast.

Contact the morons: tom (at) tomdoig.com

10 Responses to About the morons

  1. Doug says:

    Good to see a couple of morons doing what morons do best!

  2. marcus says:

    The only truth in your “about section” is your age. All the rest is lies, lies, lies! Maybe the alcoholic and petty thief bits are true too.

    Enjoy boys and love the times over there, JEALOUS!!!

  3. marcus says:

    PS – watch out for blisters.

  4. Janet Tobias says:

    I will vouch for the international man of mystery….everyday in New York, I thought this is an international man of mystery!

  5. hopscotch says:

    what’s a tugrug?

  6. SHops says:

    LOOOOOOOOVED reading of your adventures and seeing your pics..ridiculously beautiful and funny! Keep going well, mwah!

  7. matty perrett says:

    wow you guys sure rocked that completely random and lost world journey. huge kudos to your courage grit and madness.
    I’m sure chinggis khan whould be proud of you too.
    Well done you mad fuckers! Great to see men doing what they see that spending time on is worthwhile. And fuckin doin it!! Yeah baby. Thanks for the laughs.

    Matty P

  8. Brian says:

    How about a glossary for us poor foreigners who have different definitions for some of
    the words?

  9. William Sagar says:

    I have read this minor comic masterpiece three times.Once for laughs.Once for the story and once for the travel tips.I thought travel writing was dead amongst your generation because I have read some shit-awful travelogues by Generation Why(why did their parents bother) this is a satirical travelogue that takes the piss out of travel writing.Half adventure …..half Bucks Night in a mongolian tent.With joy I shall read the blog and celebrate the fact that the book has only one wanking scene -where other books from this genre are alllwanking scenes.This reads like Sid Vicious at a mountain bike meet.Thankyou kindly.Very refreshing.

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