(rest day)

We met Batbot at the UB markets. He wanted our cellphone number. We give him our number. These are our correspondence:


Batbot: How do you do good evening tomatom name bat


Batbot: I am glad to meet you nice to meet you what can i do for you leave it to me i don t doubt it okay


Batbot: What is your purpose tomatom in visiting come to mongolia


Tomatom: No comment.

7.31 pm

Batbot: I m so happy to meet you what a pleasure it is you made me overjoyed that is sheer luck

8.54 pm

Batbot: It is said that if you have friends you are like an open steppe

8.57 pm

Tomatom: Are you drunk like a winding river?

9.03 pm

Batbot: I am tond of travelling okay


Batbot: I have get heaties is the countryside


Batbnot: My friend has got a car


Batbot: I talked with you do you have anythin to say don t go without me

About Doiggus Khan

Tom Doig is a writer, performer, editor and moron. Tom has been published in The Big Issue, Maxim and Voiceworks. His plays include "Survival of the Prettiest", "Hitlerhoff" and "Selling Ice to the Remains of the Eskimos". He has an MA in Hitler Comedy and is currently writing a PhD about climate change. "Mörön to Mörön: two men, two bikes, one Mongolian misadventure" is Tom's first book.
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