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Day Twenty-Seven – some remote field, to … MORON!

“This isn’t a sugary drink place -it’s a scabhole” – Pugs I’m awake before sunrise, happy not to be vomiting, excited enough by the gorgeous light to set up the tripod and shoot a few seconds of footage, even though … Continue reading

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Day Twenty-Six – remote ridgeline to the final remote field

My stomach feels a bit queasy, but not that bad, but not that good. I manage to sleep on and off till sometime in the middle of the night, at which point I struggle to open the tent. Tama stirs. … Continue reading

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Day Twenty-Five – remote meadow to remote ridgeline, via an obscure town or two

The next morning, we ride past fields of stunning wildflowers in brilliant pink, some of the most Hans Christian Andersen flowers yet. Tama goes off to snap them while I do my morning bike yoga, and comes back reporting that … Continue reading

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Day Twenty-Four – Terelj to a meadow lacking in bears

What a lush luxurious euro-breakfast of cheese and fresh warm milk and dutch quark, fried eggs and yeah almost like a holiday! It’s a good encouraging start to the day, we’re feeling good, ready to blaze trails east, make the … Continue reading

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Day Twenty-three – UB to Terelj

The morning starts “early” (7am), with breakfast toast that the well-meaning, long-suffering LG Guesthouse girl prepared for us the night before, and left in a plastic bag outside our door. While Tama does some IT work on his iPhone, I … Continue reading

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(rest day)

We met Batbot at the UB markets. He wanted our cellphone number. We give him our number. These are our correspondence: 5.58pm Batbot: How do you do good evening tomatom name bat 6.09pm Batbot: I am glad to meet you … Continue reading

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