Mission Statement

Moron to Moron: Two Men, Two Bikes and One Mongolian Misadventure is written by Tom Doig, with photos by Tama Pugsley, and is published by Allen & Unwin. You can buy it if you want!

NEWSFLASH: Tom and Tama are extraordinarily pleased to announce that Allen & Unwin UK will be publishing Mörön to Mörön in the UK on May 2013. Know whamean?!
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It has long been an obsession of ours to cycle from Moron to Moron. Back in 2000, we first noticed that there were two towns in Mongolia, both called Moron (or Mörön, or МӨРӨН).

… Ever since then, a single question has burned in our hearts and minds. How could we not cycle from Mörön to Mörön? It has to be done, and we are the two morons for the job.

If this is your first time here you should start at Day 0.

2012.11.21 Moron_to_Moron_final_cover

Allen & Unwin is Australia’s leading independent publisher, has been voted “Publisher of the Year” ten times including the inaugural award in 1992 and eight times since 2000, and is generally awesome.


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